Thursday, December 20, 2007

Merry Chistmas Fuller


Christmas isn't my favorite holiday. That honor belongs to Thanksgiving. I feel like Thanksgiving has all the great aspects of Christmas without all the stress. Still though, I do love Christmas.

We had a concert the other night at Juanita's with a band called The Christmas Fuller Project, but they didn't play any Christmas songs. We don't have Christmas in our name, but we decided to sing "We Wish You a Merry Christmas" at the end of our set. It was a great concert. Hopefully we will have the audio posted on our myspace by early next week.

We played a new song that we wrote the night before. Normally that would never work... but this time it did. I think it is called "For the First Time."

I would drive through your mind just to see
the emptiness you've felt since you left
but you are free; you say you're free,
but I can see

So let me drive you back in time just to see
the love and happiness that you left
but you are free, you say you're free,
but i can see for the first time

Just how blind I was
I was blinded by trust

The same blood that flows you flows through me
so I will learn from this mess that you left
And I'll be free, Yeah i'll be free
Cause I can see for the first time

Just how Blind I was
I was blinded by trust
Just how blind I was
You were blinded by your lust
And now I see

Be ye full of peace and joy
For only those who are full can spill on others...

Monday, November 19, 2007

Truth and Peace

This time don't be afraid to cry
let the tears run down your cheeks
cause I will take you far away
as you slip into your dreams

I'll take you to a place I have prepared
Its so alive and free
A place where the lies cannot tear
A place full of truth and peace

So rest your head in my strong hands
I can hold you until you are well
And even then you will barely stand
Because this world will tear you down

But I'll take you to a place I have prepared
Its so alive and free
A place where the lies cannot tear
A place full of truth and peace

I'm not sure if that is finished or not, but those ended up being the words that I needed to hear last night and so thats what came out. I think it may turn into a nice little song.
Sometimes it is nearly impossible to continue hoping and praying for something when it seems like it will never happen. If we could change people's hearts it would be so much easier than waiting on God to do it, but then I know that God knows exactly what he is doing and I don't.

I'll just keep waiting and hoping and trust that He is good. I know He is.

HAPPY THANKSGIVING!! We have much to be thankful for.

Go Hogs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, November 12, 2007

One Year


One year of marriage under my belt. It went by so fast. So many things happened: first car purchase, first home, first long period apart. Its been quite a trip and I am looking forward to many many many more years of it.
Rebekah and I were able to go back to the place we went on our honeymoon for our anniversary and it was amazing just like the first time.
It really is true when they say that you love each other more as time goes on. I see things in her now after a year that I had no clue about when we were married, and I assume that will continue to happen for the rest of our lives, because we are both constantly changing. The great thing is that we get to change together. Of course it hasn't all been perfect. It is tough sharing your life with someone else.... cause that what it is; sharing. It takes such a sacrifice to not only put her before me, but to put God before both of us. It is such a struggle daily, but I can feel him making me a better man because of her influence in my life, and I can see God making her more radiant because of how He can love her through me.

On another note,
I am really missing playing music right now. This one concert a month thing is really getting old. We have to figure something out soon or I am going to go crazy. We have all this new material and no time to put it together or rehearse our live show. I'm having a hard time being patient with God in all of this. I'm ready now.

We have a new guitar player playing with us right now and his name is Stephen. He is ridiculous, and he is tasteful which is sometimes rare with really good guitar players. Most of the time they just want to shred it up instead of finding their place in the song, but Stephen is finding his place more and more every time we practice (which is like once a year so it still may take a while.)

Also, Dave nearly died yesterday. I haven't checked but I'm sure he is going to write about it on his page which you can navigate to from this page. I'll let him tell it because he will do a better job, but it has something to do with a big bite of chicken, choking, and a cute girl giving him the Heimlich.

Alright now i have to go finish unpacking this house.


Friday, October 05, 2007

What is it to you?

I just got finished talking with Zach on AIM. We were discussing a blog post by Adam Duritz (lead singer of counting crows). I have always admired Adam for the passion that he puts in every song. This blog is a description of one of their live shows. As he talks about the show you can hear and feel the passion for his music. It moves him, it is him. I can identify with that, and I want to be that way about FM's stuff.

I guess that started me thinking about people and how music affects so many people's lives. What is it to you? How does music affect you? Is it deep and life changing, or is it just something that you enjoy? I know that not everyone makes their own music, but I think that music has a profound impact on lots of people's lives. Tell me if you would like.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

So many things.......

Ok Joe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here.... now stop with the countdown.

RCA records...... read Dave's blog over there ------->
Thats pretty intense.... we still haven't heard back from them and I would like think that they are actually going to call us back. But I have decided to put it in the King's hands. I will lose no sleep over it; well not much anyways.
Other FM news.... Other than Tim Remington (check out his pics over there ---->) playing with us lately, we also have a guy named Stephen who is a really good guitar player
(with The Breakthrough) that is playing with us right now. I am excited, to say the least, about what lies ahead.

The Razorbacks are really pissing me off. Seriously.... win. thats all i have to say about that.

The Steelers are not pissing me off. Seriously... keep winning. thats all i have to say about that.

I love this time of year because it is the kind of weather that is perfect for smoking my pipe and sitting on my porch. Pretty soon I will have a nice new porch in a pretty new back yard... ( see below)

I miss John Raines (Africa) and Lee Shepherd(Turkey). "Don't it always seem to go, that you don't know what you got till its gone..." They are good friends and I miss them a great deal.

Rebekah and I are buying a home. Its an investment for us. The house is in a nice old neighborhood in North Little Rock and we will be living close to Grant(check him out over there---->) and Kim, and Chris and Jessica, so that is pretty exciting for us. Its pretty crazy how life just keeps moving along. I was thinking this morning how it seems like just the other day that i was thinking about moving to Nashville right after college. Who would have thought that I would be married, living in Little Rock, working at a bank a church, and trying to make it as a musician.

I owe Nick Flora an apology for making fun of him for liking "The OC" wow I was addicted there for a few weeks. Seriously Rachel Bilson, If you ever read this... call me. My wife said it is ok (As long as Adam Brody calls her.)

I think that is all for now.

Stayed tuned. I am going to try to post more often than once every two months, but I don't promise anything.

Friday, August 03, 2007

A minor (or Ab minor depending on my tuning that day)

There is just something about that chord and its various inversions that controls me. I don't know why. Its like within those 3 notes (and maybe a 4th or 5th note to color it) My soul finds answers to questions. It is open; sad but hopeful. It feels incomplete, but could almost be complete if I found the right lyrics to answer its question.
I think if I were a chord, I would be A minor.

What chord would you be??

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

New Songs Part 2

Here's one...

If this is a war we must fight,
then I am obliged to tell the truth...
Your guns won't change their mind
You can call me a coward,
You can call me what you like,
but I'm not afraid to die

There is a death that comes from love
And it will not take your life

I have no faith in war to bring peace
And hate will never breed compassion
I have no faith in time to bring change
If all we do is wait for it to happen

Not finished but i wanted to follow up on my hunch from a little while back.
(thanks for reminding me andrew)